Altering The Pattern: Intro

Time: 2 minutes

Learn all about this important step of tutu making; Altering your pattern to match your Dancer’s size BEFORE you even start sewing! With this simple-to-use method you will learn techniques from how to adjust the length, making it larger or smaller around, or changing the cup size. You will also learn about “ease” and the “breaking-in-period”. Customizing your pattern to their measurements FIRST will make your tutu fit better, with less work!

  1. How to adjust a pattern to fit the Dancer’s measurements using the “slash and spread” method. The importance of accurate measurements for fitting and the amount of ease in Tutus that Dance Patterns
  2. How to start lengthening or shortening the bodice pattern.
  3. A simple method to adjust the bodice width by widening or narrowing the pattern.
  4. How to alter the cup size and correct the center panel seam to match.
  5. The importance and reason for a basque on a tutu. How to add length or shorten the basque to fit the dancer.
  6. Panty Alterations : Understanding the half girth as well as the ease in the pattern piece.
  7. Review of the process of making the alterations, the ease involved, and the all important “breaking-in-period”.

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