How will this course help me?

Each course is broken down into small segments. You can watch the section multiple times without having to watch an entire video looking for the specific item you need to go over.

How much is a membership?

Memberships start at $45 a month. You can save money by signing up for a full year for $449.

What type of video quality is the course

All of our courses are filmed in HD by a professional videographer. Tutu Education cares about the quality of everything we do. Each video is easy to hear and watch, allowing you to follow along and see everything our instructors are doing.

Can I request a few months of the subscription?

We offer memberships on a month to month term, you are in charge of how long you want to be a member on Tutu Education. Your credit card will be charged per month unless you pay the yearly subscription amount which is billed annually.

How can I watch the members only videos?

Once you pay for a membership you and sign in you can go to the courses to watch the videos. Our website is both desktop and mobile friendly. You can watch the videos on a phone, mac, or PC.

Is there a sign up fee?

No, just the monthly fee or the annual fee.

Do I have to pay for a full month?

Yes, this is a monthly subscription.

Will I always have access to Tutu Education?

We do not plan on removing the video courses, as a member you get full access to all the content on Tutu Education. If your credit card number changes, has expired, or is denied, you will not have access to the courses until a new credit card is secured.

Where can I get the patterns shown on the videos?

All pattern can be purchased at

Why do you only use Tutus That Dance patterns?

They are designed and sized to fit a dancer’s body. They are also easy to alter or adjust to customize.

Where can I get the fabrics?

Notions shown on the videos. We are also going to createa video course soon on this topic

How often will new content be added?

We try to publish 2 coursesa month, usually each course has multiple video segments.

Can I get copies of the videos?

No. Videos are available 24/7 while you are a member.

I can sew, but the patterns used say they are not “commercial patterns” but “professional” patterns, what is the difference?

All our programs, patterns, and seminars are designed for acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to be a ballet costumer. This is quite different from purchasing costume patterns from your local fabric store which are more “cut and sew”. YES, you can just cut and sew our patterns, but what we offer you is the ability to grow from there. Be creative or design for your own dancer or business. Tutus That Dance patterns are marked with vital reference points (bust, waist, hips) and our videos will show you how to alter, mix and match and further customize your tutu. There is no limit to what you can do.

Is this the only way to make a tutu?

There are many methods in tutu making. No single “right” way fits every situation. We are offering suggestions for what we feel are the most common or generic situation.

Don’t see the question you are looking for?

You can always email us and we will try to respond with 2 business days.