10 Common Questions Answered

Time: 26 Minutes


I’ve never danced, how much do I need to know about ballet or competition dance to make ballet costumes?

How do I help a potential client pick the right type of tutu? What if they want a traditional tutu but a really young?

What do I do if a client wants to embellish their own tutu?

What do I do if a customer want’s to return a tutu I made for them or they don’t like it or changed their mind?

Measurements changed, or the dancers have grown and the tutu no longer fits, what do I do?

How and when should I say no to a job?

What do I tell potential clients who ask for a costume type I haven’t made before?

Who owns the tutu after it’s done and what if they want to make a change to it?

What happens if the client gives me the wrong measurements on a long distance tutu order?

What if the client keeps changing their mind on what they want?

Learn the art of the classical tutu.  Whether you’re new to tutus, a seasoned pro or somewhere in between you will learn how to make a classical ballet Tutu.

Helpful step by step learning. Our videos will provide quick access to specific subjects as needed. Tips, tricks, and specials for members only.  Support from our talented teachers. Question and answer sessions. All at home and at your own speed, with 24/7 access to hundreds of topics. We’ll be there for you providing needed skills, information and resources for all.

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